About Kerala State Institute of Design

The Kerala State Institute of Design (KSID) was established for the purpose of creating a vibrant design community in Kerala through synergistic partnership between artisan community, professional designers and general public. The institute was later merged with Kerala Academy for Skills Excellence (KASE) on 1st April 2014. KASE is the apex agency for all skill developement activities in the state of Kerala. One of the most important objectives of KSID is to promote design education. To realise this objective, KSID is supported by National Institute of Design Ahmedabad. NID support includes creation of a comprehensive roadmap for KSID through systematic plan of action to develop and strengthen the organisation, faculty development and offering courses developed by NID.

Institutional Objectives

Education: To provide design education and develop professionals excelling in confluence of Design, Technology and Management Skills, who will cater to Public & Private sectors, NGOs as well as small and large scale enterprises functioning throughout the Nation.

Training: To provide outreach programs and Design training in various crafts clusters, MSMEs and other industries as well as to promote local crafts and heritage of the state.

Services: To provide design consultancy services to various Government and Private Institutions and add value to their efforts.

Research: To conduct research in various domains of Design and Allied fields.
Documentation & Publication: To periodically document and publish results, in order to generate a Knowledge Repository for Design.
Collaboration: To collaborate with Government, Indigenous Industry and to promote Design exchange programmes at national and international level with other Educational Institutes.
Awareness: To promote Design sensitivity in the community and impart values of Good Design in all sectors of the society, by organizing and participating in seminars, fairs & workshops and also, to reach out to students of various schools and colleges to create Design Awareness.

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