Executive Director

P. T Gireesh

Executive Director, KSID

Girish, a graduate of the National Institute of Design Ahmedabad, is a veteran in the domain of textile design with over 25 years of experience of working with various sectors of the society in the upliftment and training of aspiring designers, craftsmen and people of the ‘underprivileged’ sector of the society. His contribution as designer and trainer in the textile and crafts sector has been of great significance in various parts of the country in the design domain.

Girish began his career as a young student from NID at URMUL Rural Health Research and Development Trust, Bikaner Rajasthan, Lakshmi Mills Coimbatore, and Arvind Mills Ahmedabad. His work included training programmes in weaving, print and research. Moving on, he commenced his career where he soon became part and parcel of the craftsmen and people of the URMUL Trust and Rajasthan. Girish further worked as a freelance designer where his contribution and work included workshops and training programmes across the country for private and Government entities. Work included Design and technical Development Workshops under AHVY scheme of the Textile Ministry GOI (DCH), in water hyacinth and other natural fibre crafts; intensive programmes in dyeing and training programmes for dyeing masters of Khadi and students of IICD Jaipur, where the programme was a part of the ‘SFRUTI’ project aiming at improving the skills of Khadi dyeing masters through incorporating scientific methods of application of various classes of dyes with all-round fastness on Ambar charkha, cotton and other cellulosic materials. Girish has also conducted several Product Design workshops for craftsmen, women in natural fibre etc.

The workshops he conducted include a wide spectrum of areas such as banana and sisal fibre craft, Zari embroidery, screwpine weaving and product design, bamboo and natural fibre craft, lace craft, Talipot Fibre etc. Incorporating all the areas of specialization he also worked as Consultant to Akshay Enterprises, Kalavoor, Alleppey to train women in stationary and handicraft products using biodegradable natural materials (banana bark, screwpine, kora grass, water hyacinth, seagrass, coir, jute etc.). Consultation and projects increased, as Girish further worked as a consultant to Kottappuram Integrated Development Society (KIDS), Kodungallore, Thrissur where the main aim was the economic upliftment of the screw pine traditional craftswomen. Projects and training were in areas such as designing, product diversification, skill development and dyeing training. His work also included a crucial aspect of linking these weavers with the big brands of the country; he lead the team with designing and research with water hyacinth and other natural fibres which ultimately lead to linking them with FabIndia for regular marketing.

As experience and age moved on Girish took up the profile of a permanent employee at the country’s largest ‘ethnic brand’ FabIndia, as Consultant Product Designer and State Co-ordinator for FabIndia Overseas Ltd., New Delhi.

Girish took charge as Executive Director KSID in 2008 and has been serving in this position for the past 10 years. He continues to work as ‘a man of the people’ with the aim and ambition to improve and impart quality design education to young aspiring designers, motivate and boost the young aspiring designers and trainers in the domain of design education with his vast experience and knowledge of working ‘hands-on’ with people of various sectors and domains across the nation.