The Faculty Interaction Programme, one of its kind of academic summits, is envisioned for the amalgamation of various ideas, concepts,tools, pedagogy and approaches followed by the academia and design fraternity. The theme for this year’s summit is ‘Education in the Era of Omnichannel’.

The five day online program aims to bring the design fraternity together during these unprecedented times and be vocal about the new normal.This will be a platform for trans-disciplinary design academicians, researchers and students across globe to articulate their adaptive and effective academic tools and ideas that the unprecedented scenario that the pandemic forced on the universal citizens. The event is a forum to understand the physical and virtual tools, methodology and restructuring in online/offline design education, and curriculum innovation and adaptation specifically in creative education.



Theme: Education in the Era of Omnichannel

Mode: Online

Duration: 21 February 2022- 26 February, 2022



Academics: Ideologies, strategies and practices. To re-examine the ‘why, what and how’ in the areas of content, carriage and carrier of education.

Environment: Classroom, studio and workshops. Time tested approach to simulate an atmosphere of classroom/workshop tools and studio facility in an online browser based interface?

Communication: How to ensure a prompt attention span? The multiple ways of grabbing attention, ensuring presence and initiating interactions?

Future: Tools, projects and collaborations. Can this mutation also be evolution? What are the adaptations required to change from a dynamic model of teaching to defined, planned and static classes?




21 February, 2022 : 0930 – 1030

Prof. Dr. Manoj Kumar K

Principal, Kerala State Institute of Design

Welcome Speech


Shri. K Gopalakrishnan IAS

Director of Employment and Training / MD, KASE

Presidential Speaker


Inaugural Session

Presided By Pradyumna Vyas

Senior Advisor Confederation of Indian industry Board

Former Director of National Institute of Design (NID),

Guest of Honor


1130 - 1300 IST

Manpal Setia

PROFESSOR, Chitkara Design School

Title of Speech : Cognitive Load

1500 - 1600 IST

Prof. Sanmitra Chitte

DEAN, School of Management (Design), WUD Haryana

Title of Speech : Effective student engagement.

22 February, 2022

0930 - 1100 IST

Prof. A Balasubramaniam

DIRECTOR, Institute of Design, JKLU

Title of Speech : Our Methods of Online engagement

1130 - 1300 IST

Prof. GV Sreekumar


Title of Speech : Design education in the new world

1500 - 1600 IST

Prof. Sudesh Balan

 IDC School of Design, IIT Bombay

Title of Speech : Teaching Vs. Learning

23 February, 2022

0930 - 1100 IST

Vishnu Charan

Training – Lead, Senses Electronics

Title of Speech : The Technological revolution of Class Room.

1130 - 1300 IST

Prof. Anooja J

 HOD (Design dept.), College of Architecture, Trivandrum

Title of Speech : Diagrams and Discourses – A paradigm shift.

1500 - 1600 IST

Dhanesh Jameson

DIRECTOR, Product Design BYJU’s

Title of Speech : Creative education and creativity in education

24 February, 2022

0930 - 1100 IST

Prof. Deepak John Mathew

HOD, Dept. of Design, IIT Hyderabad

Title of Speech : Academics- The ‘why, what and how’ in education.

1130 - 1300 IST

Prof. Jayesh Pillai

 IDC School of Design, IIT Bombay

Title of Speech : Virtual Presence – Insights on methods and tools

1500 - 1600 IST

Marco Bevelo

Design Futures- Mentor / Writer, Philips Design Alumni, Netherland

Title of Speech : Co-creative design-driven new educational tools

25 February, 2022

0930 - 1100 IST

Anagha P

Consultant Psychology

Scientific and conscientious psychology researcher, Cochin

Title of Speech : Communication- To ensure attention span. A Psychologist’s perspective.

1130 - 1300 IST

Prof. Boban Varghese

DIRECTOR: School of Architecture at Nelson Mandela University, South Arica

Title of Speech : Beyond Boundaries

1500 - 1600 IST

Sanjay Guria

Sanjay Guria, Assistant Professor

School of Arts and Science, Woxsen University

Title of Speech : Delivering modules/conducting research by integrating digital tools

26 February, 2022

0930 - 1100 IST

Minu Nandakumar

Project Research Associate at EdTech Tulna, IIT Bombay

Title of Speech : Standards for design of EdTech products

1130 - 1300 IST

Prof. Prahlad Gopakumar

PROFESSOR, Srishti Manipal Institute of Art, Design & Tech.

Title of Speech : Moving Image & Design

1300 – 1330

Concluding session

Panel Discussion Presided By Principal, KSID

Virtual Certificate Disbursement



  • Fresh new insights on the cutting edge technology in design education that communicate the areas that still require inquiry and scope of improvisation in design and creative education.
  • Opportunity to interact and network with the invitee industry personalities and academicians.
  • An e-certificate for all the participants shall be offered.
  • Design journal compiling the various key speeches delivered at the summit.
  • Access to the video sessions for later reference.
  • Certificate of participation


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The Faculty Development Program is being organised and conducted by Kerala State Institute of Design, a unit of Kerala Academy for Skills and Excellence, Ministry of Labor and Skills, Govt. of Kerala


Dr. Manoj Kumar K


Kerala State Institute of Design

Siddharth Aredath

Assistant Professor, Communication Design

Kerala State Institute of Design

Archana A

Adjunct Professor

Kerala State Institute of Design