Communication Design

School of Interactive Communication

Communication by its very nature is interactive and stands as the backbone of our information society. Today digital Information technology tools are utilized for transfer, manipulation, storage, and retrieval of human symbols, cognitive products, and interactive relations. The school of Interactive Communication looks at the significance of these social and technological tools and studies how we consume these interactive tools in human communication on a daily basis. Through its academic research the school intends to generate scholarly knowledge on the phenomena of interactiveness of communication so that we can overcome the challenges faced by the diverse, new and emergent users, and take advantage of the new technologies that are becoming available. The school intends to share this scholarly knowledge and professional competence developed by it with the general public, professional bodies and industry organisations through publications and consultancy service. The school also intends to train and develop a community of designers capable of designing new tools, applications and methodology to manage and improve the process of human communication.

Postgraduate Diploma in IT Integrated Communication Design (IICD)

IT Integrated Communication Design is the first academic programme started by the school. This PG Programme aims at imparting knowledge and furthering research into the domain of designing interactive experiences in media, products and computer design applications. It will create graduates with good analytical abilities, skilled with specific techniques, creative in their solutions, sensitive in their approach and knowledgeable about current practices of communication & interaction design. The programme develops mature communication professionals who also have a deeper understanding of aesthetic aspects.

The school has state of the art infrastructure including multiple Digital Labs with high end works stations, a number of Digital Video Cameras and still cameras, 2D Animation lab, Digital Edit machines, Audio studios and equipments, Graphic machines, and printers apart of state of the art class rooms.


This program will have specific focus on the needs of Indian users and the Indian industry. While the students begin with acquiring traditional skills of media production, they are given all opportunities to learn new skills and to advance their level of understanding. Thus they can adapt to any employment situation anywhere in India or abroad. The focus is on IT related interactive media so that graduates are ready for direct employment in any IT firm which requires communication professionals. They can also look for opportunity in traditional sectors like Graphic, Animation, Film apart from IT based design companies.

Curriculum Flowchart for PG Diploma in IT Integrated Communication Design