On 8th December, 2018, ITAD kicked off the First weaving installation art exhibition on basic interlaces of Fabric Structure 1, an event to build, appreciate and showcase the love for yarns and its relationship in handloom among the people of Kollam. The final range of hand woven swatches enduring excellence in craftsmanship had its remarkable authenticity. Warped in traditional techniques and textile samples displayed brought great understanding through the weaver’s identity and heritage to new generations. Sem 3 ITAD, KSID students played a central role in the Exhibit, by taking part in exquisite weaving project inspired by the traditional art of Handloom weaving.

The last month of the year December 2018, “A WEAVER APPROACHE – STRUCTURIUM::” event was held in the gallery rooms of the first international standard art cafe in Kollam, the 8 point art cafe was curated and owned by the famous muralist and art director Mr. Shenley in the Parambarya building of Kollam DTPC(District Tourism promotion council). The two chambers became the textile galleria of photographs creatively captured by Mr. Lijin C Jacob along with the interlaced woven textile swatches. ‘For the people-By the people’ concept of inauguration led by the visitors on the first day of exhibition was new to many and not so common among the people of Kollam. Inside the venue, KSID sem 3 students actively participated in explaining the complete process of textile weaving right from yarn to fabric with the help of pictures and demonstrations. The exhibit had sections of yarn, winding, peg warping, denting and final weaving in a multi-functional and learning space completely dedicated for hands on experience of weaving to both young and old generations, by offering a unique space for the expression of creating weave patterns in the looms individually.

Here, second-year Textile and Apparel Design students, together with KSID faculty (guest), showcased their weaving skills before a live audience, demonstrating the various stages of weaving process and development using traditional age old authentic Mahatma Gandhiji Style charka, swift, peg warping frame and hand loom. Led by Mr. K R Vinay Kumar, students spent the one week prior to the event producing swatches in the KSID Textile LAB in Chandanathope, with timely support from the department of Integrated Textile and Apparel Design Faculty Mr. Fibin V Raj and Technical Assistant Ms. Sumimol
In the inner corridor, an extension to the Exhibit had its heartfelt feel of loose ends & twists of coloured bobbin yarns, the true essence to the craft of weaving. Every guest who took part in the traditional weaving technique at the venue had individually expressed their gratitude towards the art of weaving as well as handloom weavers and clearly understood the craftsman ship involved in weaving.
The first edition of WEAVING EXHIBITION ITAD, KSID witnessed professionals, entrepreneurs, creative heads, students, craftsmen spanning 5 days and 30 hours. Among the guests were Smt. Helen Jerome General Manager, DIC, Kollam. Delhi based Menswear Fashion Designer Mr. Mridul Jacob of the Label TONY MRIDUL, Kollam based Womenswear Fashion Designer Ms. Aleeya Rayeesa Sulthana of the Label Phakeezha. The event was appreciated by the art and craft lovers and admirers of Kollam as well as artists community. KSID Students and faculties of other disciplines visited the exhibition and gave positive feedbacks.

Guest Faculty Textile : K R Vinay Kumar
ITAD Apparel Faculty : Fibin V Raj
Technical Asssistant : Sumimol
Photographs : Lijin C Jacob
Students: Shilpa Ann Varughese, Reshma Raj, Jyothy S, Tessa Susan John , Gadha S, Preethi Raj