Two Students of KSID join the Team at Manchester, UK to conceive, design and fabricate outdoor art work.

Now in its 10th year, Manchester Day is a large scale community event Commissioned by Manchester City Council & produced by Outdoor Arts specialists Walk the Plank. Created by local communities and supported by professional artists, this is a green parade, with no petrol or diesel transport. This year’s Parade took place on the 23rd of June.

This year the general theme for the Parade was Ten out of Ten, reflecting both the 10th year of creating Manchester Day & ideas put forward by the various community groups involved.

The Theme chosen by The Manchester Malayalee Association for their Parade Section was Ten outstanding Art forms of Kerala. The central image created for the day was based on EduppuKaala. The ten art forms chosen by the group included Theyyam, Yakshaganam, Kathakali, Bommayattom, Mohiniyatam, Bharathamatyam, Padayani, Puli Kali, Kalaripayattu, Ottamthullal. The whole event was supported by the Department of Tourism, Govt. of Kerala.

Ms Candida Boyes, the Creative Director of the Parade came to Kerala and interacted with the students and faculty of Kerala State Institute of Design. Ten students of KSID volunteered to work with the team of Manchester parade to contribute ideas & conceive forms and make elements to a number of the art forms selected.  Two students, Mr. Vijin Govind and Ms Kiran Anna George were invited to travel to Manchester and work with the lead Designer Jonny in the last 2-3 weeks leading to the parade & represent the Institute on the day by participating in the parade. The travel & subsistence for students was covered by Manchester Day via Elevate, the professional training programme funded by Arts Council of England.

The Parade was a grand success with the Malayalee section being the most vibrant and colourful segment of the Parade.