The talk on ‘Virtual Gold: Trans-formative Uses of Data’ focused on understanding the multiple ways and uses of data and methodologies of data collection. Ms. Raeshma J Nair shared her experience in working on data collection and understanding what can be done with the collected data. Though the session started as a one way talk, wherein the speaker was talking on her experience of the subject, it soon turned into a very interactive session with a lot of questions and points raised which spun off a very interesting discussion on the uses of data and even bringing in examples of how data can be used and misused as well. The session also proved to be a point of contemplation on design aspects in collecting data, wherein modern technology vs simple human interaction and empathy were also discussed.

Students, faculty and the principal of KSID also interacted and made the discussion very lively to add on to the interesting points and experiences shared by Ms. Raeshma.