The first concept of EZY-Isolate, the COVID19 isolation module designed by Arjun U R, was presented to a team of medical experts from the National Health Mission (NHM), State Medical Board, and PEID Cell and received encouraging feedback with suggestions for few changes. KSID has created a second prototype, incorporating all the changes, including the design of a new air purification system.

The improvements made on EZY-Isolate Isolation Module are:
 A portable exhaust system has been developed to create negative air pressure inside the isolation module. The exhaust system is capable of creating negative air pressure in four such units, capable of minimum 12 air changes per hour. It is connected to the exhaust inlet of the isolation module through an Aluminium air duct and the HEPA filter can be attached to the inlet and outlet of the isolation unit from inside using a pocket locking mechanism inbuilt on the outer cover.
 The front window size has been increased so that the doctors can monitor the vital parameter from outside with minimum patient contact.
 Provision for oxygen supply (2 ports) and necessary electric points (Six number of 5-amp points and one 15-amp point).
 The materials used can be washed using any mild chemical disinfectants.
 The Front door opening is widened for patient easy transfer and a support system is provided to facilitate the transfer of patient trolley or wheelchair to the unit.

KSID would like to collaborate with organizations with production capabilities to mass produce EZY-Isolate to support our government’s COVID19 management efforts. Those who are interested may contact KSID at info@ksid.ac.in