Astounding Exhibition

B. Des Semester I students of Kerala State Institute of Design (KSID) conducted an astounding exhibition as part of their academic course and activity at the college campus. The attendance of students from Anchalumoodu Govt. Higher Secondary School (IT wing) was one of the day’s highlights.
Our principal, Mr. Manoj Kumar Kini, was present, which was really motivating for the students who had organized the open house. Dr. Manoj Kumar along with the other faculties inaugurated the show which included a variety of sketches, posters, sculptures, and textures.
The exhibition was a result of 4 months of hard work and explorations of the students which covered topics such as design fundamentals, patterns, and textures, tessellations, material explorations with different mediums, color schemes, perception of color.
The instructors that accompanied the students said the visit was eye-opening and that they were eager to see the campus and the exhibition, and that they would like to be involved in more similar programs in the future.