PLASTIC DYSTOPIA : An experience design project by IICD students

Plastic Dystopia is not a passing trend. It is the result of our many collective experiences as environmentalists and designers, seeing and feeling the world around us. The carelessness that people show towards plastic has made us question what the future holds for everyone. Microplastics are the most dangerous aftereffect that man has created. From what we eat to what we breathe it has taken many forms. This non-recyclable virus is the result of decades of plastic pollution and overuse of it. Through the installations, we are showing a dystopian future of the world which is falling apart.

IICD students Aruldev, Mansha, and Anusree as part of their project collaborated with Thanal (NGO) and conducted a campaign called Plastic Dystopia which happened from the 25th to the 27th of September at Veli Tourist Village and Napier Museum in Trivandrum. Suchithwa Mission Director, Faizy A and Vattiyoorkavu MLA, VK Prasanth visited the program and art installations. On September 30th the installations will be exhibited at a flea market program in Jawahar Bal Bhavan, Trivandrum as suggested by the MLA.